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  • Accredited By IICT and AKA

What is kinesiology?

  • Founded by Dr. George Goodheart in 1964.
  • Kinesiology integrates Western philosophies such as counselling, chiropractic body alignment wisdoms, anatomy and physiology and Eastern philosophies such as meridians, ancient Chinese medicine/acupuncture, acupressure, triad of health and chakras.
  • It is a non-invasive holistic process which utilises precise muscle biofeedback, also known as muscle testing, and focuses on the mind body interactions.
  • It is an integrative method that investigates the connection between the client’s symptoms and their emotional, physical, biochemical and spiritual state.
  • Unlike most modalities’ kinesiology works on all the dimensions of the body, physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.


1.5 hour session

Every third session receive $80 discount
Third sessions – $120

1 hour session

Wellness package
$430 for 3 Sessions

Muscle testing

  • Muscle testing allows us to connect to our sub-conscious mind to measure the validity of certain statements.
  • It can access blockages that are potentially the root cause of a problem, such as physical ailments, lack of concentration, motivation or energy, emotional imbalances or a struggle to achieve certain goals.
  • Muscle testing identifies these energy imbalances in the body via nerve pathways and the meridian system of the brain and body.

The Flow of Energy around
the Body

  • The Energy/Qi – flows through different pathways around the body called meridians.
  • Meridians – Each of these meridians have a muscle associated with them.
  • Muscles – Different muscles are tested to gain information about the flow of energy through its related meridian.
  • The flow – There may be areas of perfect flow, too much or not enough energy flow.
  • The goal – Kinesiology guides and empowers you to facilitate your perfect state of equilibrium by accessing your body’s innate healing ability to identify and correct the imbalances to acquire perfect flow throughout each meridian.

To be in perfect equilibrium enables us to function at our optimal level. It enables us to tackle the challenges of life with ease, comfort and to be fully present with all the joys life brings and move freely into a more positive, healthy way of life.

Your inner wisdom

  • Our power – As humans we have powers beyond imagination and can bring peace, harmony, love and health into our life and the life of others.
  • Healing – The body, mind and spirit have the ability to heal itself and others.
  • Support – Sometimes we need a catalyst or support to re-align and connect with our inner healing abilities.
  • The flow – There may be areas of perfect flow, too much or not enough energy flow.
  • Fundamental theory of kinesiology – it is one of the truly holistic modalities as it works on all aspects to the human dimensions.

“Future medicines will be the medicine of frequencies”
Albert Einstein

Here are some of many reasons why people see a kinesiologist:

Changes or loss triggering Grief

A level of the grief process is triggered for many reasons; mentally, physically, spiritually and/or financially. Grieving a loved one’s death is a specific process which kinesiology can support a person through this.

Feeling emotionally charged & mood swings

As humans we feel a wide range of emotions ranging from extreme sadness, anger, overwhelm, anxiousness, depression, nervousness, self-doubt and so on. We can sometimes define ourselves based on these emotions. Working with kinesiology can help transform peoples’ lives by supporting their emotional process and/or transforming the emotions.

Just feeling a bit “off” / ‘out of sorts’

Sometimes we are unaware of the reasons behind feeling ‘out of sorts’ or ‘unbalanced’. There can be many underlying issues dependant on everyone. Kinesiology is a great way to re-balance yourself to improve your quality of life.

Wanting to increase self-love’

There can be many signs of the lack of self-love such as, neediness, perfectionism, lack of assertiveness, poor communication, toxic relationships, wearing a mask and much more. The more we practice self-love the more we connect to the deepest elements of our soul.

Noticeable ailments, aches, pains,
discomforts, etc

The body is brilliant at showing us when we need to take notice. This can appear as hair, skin and nail issues, internal system issues, teeth grinding, muscle aches and cramps, digestive problems, insomnia, speech and hearing impediments and so on.

Concentration and focus

There is a wide range of reasons why you might be experiencing loss of concentration, ranging from hormones, diet, tiredness, stress, etc. There are ways to manage it, such as through mindfulness, eliminate distractions, taking short breaks, being present, focus on one thing at a time. Through kinesiology you can allocate the reasons behind the issue and the ways to improve it.

Issue or uneasiness

Do you feel uneasy and uncomfortable in certain situations or around certain types of people?
Is there an emotion you want to release?
Do you experience certain behaviours you wish to change?

There may be a hidden reason in the sub-conscious that is being triggered around certain people or situations. Kinesiology can bypass the conscious mind to allocate these hidden reasons deep in the sub-conscious mind so they can be re-wired and balanced to stop them being triggered.

Mental stress

If you are experiencing neurological stress it can show up as, brain fog, forgetfulness, poor concentration, loss of focus, brain integration issues, poor coordination, poor balance, worry, anxiety, burn out, overwhelm etc.

Unwanted addictions

Kinesiology can support you with dealing with addictions and the change that comes with it, such as, the way you deal with stress, who you allow in your life, what you do in your free time, how you think about yourself, and so on.

Feeling lost

Do you feel you have lost your way?
Do you feel that you do not have any direction?
Are you unsure of which path to choose?

Often society, family, friends, ourselves etc can put pressure on us about our life or choices. It can cause us to feel overwhelmed with the tension or perceived judgements. This can fog up our intuition and leave us feeling lost.


There are many reasons why people experience pressure and turmoil in their relationship. Kinesiology can support you through a ‘rocky patch’ or an ongoing relationship issue.

External factors dictate your internal state
and releasing attachments

Are you affected by who is/isn’t in your life?
Do you feel affected by what people are/aren’t doing?

Do you often say: “he/she makes me feel…”, “this thing didn’t happen, so I feel unhappy” etc. If you answered yes to any of these then kinesiology is a great way to bring your internal state back to equilibrium for your internal well-being to become unaffected by the external.

Not living in the NOW

Are you living in the pain of the past for a long period of time?
This can create disharmony for your future

Are you living in the fear of what might happen in the future?
This can create sabotages that prevent you from living in your desired outcome.

You feel that nothing has been or is
working for you.

There are many modalities out there and finding the right one or combination for you is key. Kinesiology has helped transform and make the shift in countless lives and might just be the right one for you.

Our beliefs

  • Our beliefs – have a profound impression on our body chemistry, which is the reason placebos can be so effective.
  • Positive self-belief – is closely linked to the neurotransmitter serotonin which is the ‘feel good’ chemical. The lack of it can lead to stress, negative self-talk and a downward spiral.

The benefits of kinesiology:

  • Nutritional balance for everyone’s requirements
  • Learning with greater ease
  • Improved brain integration, incl. concentration, focus & brain function
  • Build resilience
  • Overcome fears and past traumas
  • Improve behavioural problems
  • Aids in the recovery of injuries
  • Eases physical pains
  • Reaching weight goals
  • Improves sleep routine
  • Supports digestion
  • Reduces or eliminates auto-immune mismatches
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Physical health and agility
  • Dealing with major change
  • Hormone balance
  • Positive self-relationship and self-image
  • Emotional strength and resolution
  • Greater motivation
  • Enjoying the present moment of life
  • Goal achievement
  • Healthy relationships
  • Changing perceptions to acquire a healthier state
  • Expand your consciousness

Kinesiology assists the body to balance a wide variety of ‘imbalances’ so we can release, re-wire and move forward. Overall increasing health, vitality, energy and well-being. We do not treat, diagnose or prescribe.

Kinesiology works with the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and biochemical aspects of our health. These are all equally connected and influence each other:

  • The physical aspect – is your physical body, muscles, bones, skin, hair, internal systems, etc;
  • The emotional – relates to your mental and emotional state.
  • The biochemical – is the internal chemicals and hormones as well as any external fumes being consumed.
  • The spiritual aspect – relates to the health of your soul.

What you can expect from kinesiology session?

  • 100% confidentiality – bound by law. An absolute non-judgement and safe space to express yourself.
  • History and assessment – of issues intended to be addressed.
  • Goal setting – this is selecting an objective or a target you wish to achieve, then to balance your body to where it aligns with this goal.
  • Allocate blockages and imbalances – through muscle testing we acquire the body’s knowledge and wisdom about what needs to be
  • Balance the imbalances – In order to reach your goal, your individual body chooses what it wants to be able to heal and let go. It is not one
    size fits all.
  • Sub-conscious – To release blockages and sub-conscious programming preventing you from reaching your goals.
  • Re-align – Balance and bring the body back to equilibrium using a selection from a plethora of techniques and become congruent with your goal.
  • Self-responsibility – you have the responsibility to keep up with any home re-enforcement and information learnt from the session.

How does kinesiology work?

  • It accesses information – about your body’s awareness, what it needs to heal, and what beliefs, thoughts and perceptions need to be adjusted. Then facilitates this information to support that profound, natural healing process.
  • Allows your individual body to choose – and say exactly what it wants, you can go back to the moment when something happened, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to or if you don’t need that.
  • Enables connection with your body – to identify all the pieces of information that are involved in a dysfunctional tissue or issue you may have.
  • It offers a spectrum – of all the different possible ways of balancing a physical, emotional, mental, energetic and/or vibrational disruption you may have.
  • Our outer world is often a reflection of our inner world – Often our circumstance is showing us what we need to heal within ourselves. Improve the inside and the outside will improve. Kinesiology allows access to what we are holding onto inside, so we can let go and become who we truly are at the core, enabling the outer reflection of ourselves to flow into all areas of our lives.

Improving what is on the inside improves our outer experiences such as:

  • Goal achievement
  • Healthy loving relationships
  • Increase in finances and abundance
  • Improved physical, emotional, spiritual health
  • More energy, motivation and focus
  • Emotional stability and wisdom
  • Improved mood
  • And much more.


  • There are no right or wrong choices!
  • Becoming aware of the choices we make is major.
  • This will allow us to make more conscious choices through awareness and growth.
  • With practice it becomes easier.
  • Self-awareness, journaling, goal setting are all ways to become more aware of which choices are beneficial and which are not.
  • Have you heard the term; ‘resistance makes stronger’
  • Ignoring and pushing down emotions for an extended period makes them persist. Surrendering to emotions is the ultimate liberation of resistance and
    negative emotions.
  • It can be a good idea to write down all the emotions you felt and what experience was triggering those emotions so that you can choose in what ways
    you want to balance and release these.

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